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Trainee pharmacist training programme directors submit work to the LLLP conference 2021

Helen Ireland and Caroline Murphy, the PWDS training programme directors for trainee pharmacists in the South West, submitted an abstract on running online OSCEs to the Life Long Learning in Pharmacy conference in June 2021, along with Hayley Wickens, a colleague from HEE South.

The abstract, entitled “Development of online formative OSCEs for pre-registration trainee pharmacists in the UK” was accepted into the conference which was held virtually from Ireland in June 2021. Helen, Hayley and Caroline produced a short video describing the project beforehand which could be watched by attendees across the world.

The project involved moving face to face OSCEs for approximately 150 pre-registration pharmacists across the South of England to fully running online via MS Teams, individual excel spreadsheets were used via SharePoint to mark the trainees and videos were produced to help assessors, actors and trainees used the systems involved. Overall the project was well received and will be used again next year even if COVID restrictions lift as the trainees felt this way of doing OSCEs was less stressful and the assessors and actors did not have to travel to a venue and stay overnight which reduced costs and time.

At the conference Hayley promoted the work with a very short summary of the project. Helen, Hayley and Caroline attended the 3 day conference online and explored the work that was being done in the UK and across the world in the training of pharmacy professionals. Work included the use of entrust-able professional activities, general practice placements for pharmacy students during their university degree, the teaching of ethical dilemmas to pharmacy students and the use of poetry to teach empathy to pharmacy professionals. Helen, Hayley and Caroline will use this learning to enhance the trainee pharmacist programme across the South of England.

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