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NHS Aseptic Services Accreditation Group (ASAG)


The group formed in response to Chief Pharmacists requesting increased development and training (especially around checking activity) for all individuals working within technical services areas of pharmacy.

The group‘s aim is to develop robust checking systems NHS wide in technical services, develop a safe and portable skill mix in line with government policy.

The working group has members from several professional areas of pharmacy, National Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Committee, Pharmaceutical Aseptic Services Group, Technical Services Manager, Pharmaceutical Technical Specialist Education and Training Group and Pharmacy Education and Training.


  • To retain oversight of the NHS wide picture with reference to programmes and accreditations already in place covering checking activity and the standards of these programmes, and their alignment with the national frameworks.
  • To develop and maintain a national framework with robust standards for NHS technical services units who wish to develop training in checking activity and to robustly develop their staff in these areas
  • To advise the NHS on the development of such training accreditations covering checking activity in technical services areas.
  • To reduce error rates in technical services areas.
  • Promote skill mix and the correct use of existing staff. 
  • Enable retention of staff and also ensure provision of transferable qualifications
  • To review course content and documentation for training modules in the field of checking in Technical
  • Services to ensure that the standards of the national framework are maintained particularly in the area of final product approval.

Technical Services National Frameworks

ASAG retains stewardship of the Pre and In-process Checking and Product Approval National Frameworks.

Further details can be found on the Specialist Pharmacy Service Website https://www.sps.nhs.uk/ and the ‘Documents and Templates’ section below.

How to apply to for Approval of a PIPC training programme

Any training provider wishing to develop and deliver a Pre and In-process training and assessment programme can apply to have their programme mapped against the standards of the national framework and be approved nationally under the authority of the NHS Aseptic Services Accreditations Group. The approval panel members are occupational experts who have been designated by NHS ASAG. 

Before a programme is submitted for approval, the programme lead must have assessed whether the programme fulfils the criteria of the framework. Please use the PIPC National Approval Process Map and the Approval Application Pack in the ‘Documents and Templates’ section below. Once complete this should be submitted to pwds@UHBW.nhs.uk.

The submitted programme will then be assessed against criteria based on learning outcomes, resources and training delivery, and methods of assessment.

Successful Approval of a Training Programme

Where a programme is approved against the standards of the national framework, trainees who have completed the assessment process for that programme can be awarded a nationally recognised accreditation.

Documents and Templates