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Pre and In Process Checking within Aseptic Services (PIPC)

Programme Introduction

The Pre and In-Process checking within Aseptic Services (PIPC) programme has been developed in line with the Nationally Recognised Competency Framework.

It provides the training and assessment of individuals who have been delegated the task of the performing pre and/or in-process checking of aseptically prepared items under the supervision of a pharmacist.

Entry Criteria

The following prerequistes must be met before application

All technical services staff members must be given authorisation to participate in the assessment by the accountable pharmacist. Standard operating procedures must be in place defining individual’s roles, responsibilities and duties. Before entry onto the programme, applicants need to fulfil the following entry criteria:

The trainee must have:

  • Recommendation and support from the chief pharmacist (or designated deputy) to undertake an accreditation programme based on the Nationally Recognised Framework for the Accreditation of Pre and In-Process Checking within Aseptic Services
  • A minimum of six months aseptic preparation experience in current aseptic unit within the 12 months prior to commencing this programme
  • Demonstrated ability to aseptically prepare products accurately according to locally approved SOPs Demonstrated qualities and behaviours that are necessary to perform the PIPC role, including professionalism, accountability, accuracy, and effective communication skills.
  • Be allocated a named educational supervisor who has completed the appropriate training and been deemed suitable for the role by the accountable pharmacist.
  • Demonstrated a good working knowledge of locally approved SOPs to the accountable pharmacist or educational supervisor

The unit must be able to offer an appropriate workload to enable the candidate the opportunity to complete accreditation within at least one product type, e.g. Centralised Intravenous Additives (CIVAs), Parenteral Nutrition (PN), cytotoxics, aseptic preparation, and radiopharmacy in technical services.

Accreditation in other specialities will require additional evidence collection and competency assessment.

PWDS has designed the entry requirements to ensure that the trainee PIPC has sufficient experience and has developed attributes and attitudes to accept responsibility of the role.

Programme Features

The programme for Aseptic Preparation in non-licensed units, pre and in process checking includes:

  • Pre-evidence collection activities to develop the trainee’s understanding of their accuracy checking role
  • In-house evidence collection Attendance at a virtual Practice Development Day (PDD)
  • Local assessment interview and exam
  • Regional e-portfolio assessment

The programme handbook gives further details about the structure and contents of the programme and assessment process. It can be accessed from this site, or is available in the file library of the e-portfolio.

The programme only covers the pre process and in process checks within technical services. It is intended to be flexible, allowing trusts to implement it locally.

Local standard operating procedures should be in place and GMP/QA systems should be adhered to at all times.

Programme Details

PIPC Programme aims to:

  • Provide personnel working within aseptic services with the skills and knowledge to be able to confidently and competently undertake pre and in-process checks within specified local parameters, to ensure patient safety and product quality
  • Encourage best practice
  • Develop aseptic services personnel in areas of continuing professional practice and accountability within pharmacy services
  • Encourage the further development of effective communication skills
  • Support appropriate skill-mix within pharmacy departments
  • Reduce overall error rates.

An accredited PIPC by the end of the programme will be able to:

  • Undertake pre and/or in-process checks within the specified parameters set locally
  • Describe the legal implications of pre and in-process checking in aseptic services
  • Develop a robust checking method in line with approved Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that will be applicable in the workplace
  • List different factors that contribute to errors and suggest methods to overcome them
  • Demonstrate communication skills required when informing others about errors made
  • Demonstrate ability to recognise own limitations in the checking process and make appropriate referrals
  • Work within the parameters of the programme and ensure that they do NOT check items that they have prepared
  • Work within Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and describe the importance of adhering to them.

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Method of Delivery

Self Directed Learning, Virtual Practice Development Day, Local exam and Interview

Method of Assessment

Evidence Collection and E-portfolio regional assessment, Local exam and Interview

Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions about this Programme

As the entry criteria outlines, a technical services staff member with authorisation from their accountable pharmacist, a minimum of six months aseptic preparation in a current aseptic unit within the 12 months prior to commencing the programme, and a clearly defined PIPC role as part of their SOPs and job description, can undertake the training. This could be a pharmacy technician, pre-registration trainee pharmacy technician or a pharmacy assistant.
The programme should be completed within 12 months, depending on the aseptic unit and level of workload the time it takes to complete can vary, but if a trainee cannot complete it within 12 months then the educational supervisor should contact PWDS to explain the reasons why and whether and extension can be made.
This can be the Accountable Pharmacist for the unit, or a person delegated by the accountable pharmacist as being suitably trained and qualified. They should have recent experience in technical services and mentoring staff, and if a pharmacy technician, be accredited for PIPC themselves with at least two years post registration experience in technical services. For further information see page 19 of the PIPC Handbook under the subheading ‘Education Supervisor Criteria’.

General Questions

Answers to most common applications for each stage of the Programme process can be found on our dedicated Frequently Asked Questions page and is usually the quickest and easiest way to resolve most enquiries.

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Programme Director

For general enquiries or in case of Programme Director absence:

Email: pwds@uhbw.nhs.uk

Telephone: 0117 342 6677

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Step One

Application for the PIPC Programme

Please click the application button below to apply for the PIPC Programme. Once you have received your acceptance email and login details for the programme, please apply for a Practice Development Day (date and location) that is most suitable for you.

Step Two

PIPC Practice Development Day – Online

Please only apply for a Practice Development Day (PDD) if you have received confirmation that you have been accepted onto the PIPC programme. The online PDD will enable trainees to attend the day remotely via virtual classroom. Details of how to access the event will be sent out to you once your application has been processed.

Step Three

PIPC Local Assessment Pack Application

Once you have completed your evidence collection you will need to apply for your local assessment pack below. Note: the interview pack will be sent as a secure email to your educational supervisor.


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