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This information relates to the following PWDS programmes/schemes:

  • SW MMATS — SW Medicines Management Accredited Training Scheme
  • SW ACPT — SW Accuracy Checking Pharmacy Technician Scheme
  • SW PIPC — SW Scheme for Pre and In Process Checking within Aseptic Services
  • SW PMOTP — SW Pharmacy Medicines Optimisation Training Programme
  • SW PAAP — SW Product Approval Accreditation Programme

As registered pharmacy technicians who have successfully completed one or more of the programmes/schemes above, there is no legal or regulatory requirement to re-accredit every 2 years once qualified.

Ongoing fitness to practice in these roles is assured through the registrants professional responsibility to maintain their competence. With the changes to GPhC revalidation framework this can be achieved via the annual revalidation cycle.

With effect from 1st September 2018 it will no longer be necessary for accredited pharmacy technicians to undertake the current reaccreditation process.

In order to demonstrate ongoing competence we recommend that pharmacy technicians accredited in any of the above mentioned programmes/schemes …….

  • Have an up to date job description which outlines the activities that they are accredited to undertake
  • Should regularly engage with the activities in which they are accredited to undertake in order to maintain competence and confidence
  • Must always comply with their organisations governance requirements
  • Should always follow local standard operating procedures and polices
  • Should maintain a record of any errors that they make and subsequent reflections
  • Should understand and follow systems for reporting, sharing and learning from errors
  • Should complete GPhC revalidation entries annually that demonstrate that they are keeping up to date with current practice and legislative changes

Please note: This change to the reaccreditation process is only applicable for registered pharmacy technicians. Non registered pharmacy staff who hold SW accreditations will still be required to undertake reaccreditation using the toolkits provided above.

For further information please e-mail: mary.carter1@nhs.net

Mary Carter,Training Programme Director PWDS PMOTP – Advanced Unit 3