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Pharmacy Medicines Optimisation Training Programme (PMOTP) – Unit 1

Programme Introduction

Welcome to the medicines optimisation training programme. The programme has been designed to facilitate the development of pharmacy technicians and other healthcare professionals (where appropriate) into delivering medicines optimisation services. The training programme is separated into three levels: Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. Within the levels, the medicines optimisation role is divided into units as follows:

Foundation – Unit 1.1 Manage Patient Medication

Intermediate – Unit 2.1 Medicines Reconciliation & Unit 2.2 Discharge Facilitation

Advanced – Unit 3.1 Clinical Prioritisation

The programme is open to NHS and non NHS organisations and has been designed to allow organisations to select units which apply to the trainee and service provision and also allow for service developments.

Foundation Level ( Unit 1.1)

Foundation level unit 1.1 of the medicines optimisation training programme is open as a standalone unit for pharmacy support staff to manage patient’s medication requirements in a patient facing/clinical area.

Entry Criteria

The following prerequistes must be met before application

PWDS has designed the following entry requirements to ensure that trainees have sufficient experience in order to accept responsibility of the role.

Trainees must meet the following entry criteria:

  • Have a minimum of 3 months experience working within the organisation in which they will be taking on a patient facing role.
  • EITHER: Have a patient facing role at present; OR: Be currently training to enter a patient facing role.
  • Provide evidence of completion of a GPhC recognised/approved level 2 qualification or equivalent.
  • Have recommendation and support from the chief pharmacist or designated deputy.
  • Have an educational supervisor based within the trainee’s trust who is an appropriately experienced pharmacist or an accredited medicines management/optimisation pharmacy technician/accredited healthcare professional, OR; has equivalent experience at the practice base to be acknowledged as occupationally competent.
  • Demonstrate a good working knowledge of local standard operating procedures to their educational supervisor.

Programme Features

This programme is for Assistant Technical Officers or Senior Assistant Technical Officers.

The programme comprises of:

  • Pre programme activities and underpinning knowledge requirements.
  • Supported learning and underpinning knowledge requirements to support developing practice.
  • In-house practical skills evidence collection including accuracy logs and e-portfolio build.
  • Locally facilitated assessment interview.
  • Regional Assessment of e-portfolio.

Programme cost includes:

  • e-Portfolio license
  • Training provider final assessment of evidence in the e-portfolio
  • Final summative assessment interview and formal certification

Trainees and educational supervisors are also able to access ongoing programme support by a PWDS programme support officer (PSO).

Programme Details

The programme has been designed to facilitate the development of pharmacy assistants into delivering medicines optimisation services.

Learning Outcomes

  •  Confirm the process for using patients’ own drugs
  •  Assess patients’ own drugs ensuring that they are fit for the purpose required
  •  Review patients’ own drugs for relabeling
  •  Manage patients’ own drugs if unsuitable for use
  • Accurately order medicines for individual patients
  • Deal with a variety of initial and/or repeat supply issues
  • Facilitate the timely processing of orders
  • Identify and resolve risks/problems associated with the incorrect storage and stock control of individuals’ medicines
  • Complete all relevant documentation accurately


The aim of the programme is to prepare trainees for a patient-facing role by:

  • Outlining the medicines optimisation roles.
  • Describing the infrastructure to facilitate these; addressing issues about the new working environment; providing a framework for training and assessing trainees, which is recognised across the region and meets the standards of the national framework.
  • Encourage the further development of effective communication skills.
  • Develop the trainee’s professional awareness of pharmacy practice and accountability.


Learning Pathways and Portfolio Documents

Trainees will be provided with a learning pathway (LP) on acceptance onto the programme that is bespoke to the trainee’s application and route into the programme. The learning pathway combines all the training resources and programme templates necessary to complete the training programme. Please contact the training programme director if you have any difficulties or questions regarding the learning pathway.


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Method of Delivery

Self-directed learning, Local interview

Method of Assessment

Evidence collection and e-portfolio assessment, local assessment in practice by educational supervisor, Local summative assessment interview

PMOTP Unit 1 Documents & Templates

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our comprehensive FAQs before submitting an enquiry

Answers to most common applications for each stage of the Programme process can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page and is usually the quickest and easiest way to resolve most enquiries.

Please ensure you check this page before submitting a contact enquiry. 


Programme Director

For general enquiries or in case of Programme Director absence:

Email: pwds@uhbw.nhs.uk

Telephone: 0117 342 6677


Step One

Application for Unit 1 of the Pharmacy Medicines Optimisation Training Programme

Please click the application button below to apply for unit 1 of the programme.

Step Two

Application for Unit 1 Local Assessment Interview Pack

Once you have completed your evidence collection you will need to apply for your local assessment interview pack below.


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